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Service offerings

Our services are tailored to create a complete end-to-end model where we're able to make the most out of a 24-hour cycle. Sharing work with our partners in New York City, we are able to bring a variety of assets to life in a timely fashion.

The Manila team is fully staffed with experts in creative, digital development, editorial, medical strategy, and project management, working together to deliver work that matches your vision.

Digital solutions

Driving growth requires the smart use of digital channels to maximize impact. Our team is dedicated to finding unique solutions and building digital options that are in line with industry benchmarks.


The heart of the work we do lies in creative execution. Our team is dedicated to crafting work that creates a lasting impact and engages a diverse array of patient and healthcare provider audiences, from all over the world.

Editorial and proofreading

No project is complete without a detailed editorial and proofreading process. Our team meticulously reviews every piece of content to comply with medical, legal, and regulatory requirements to satisfy even the most discerning reviewers.

Katz Rayos del Sol

VP, Senior Director of Operations


6789 Ayala Ave, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines